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Sandrine Hudl

Actress, performer, theatre coach and speech scientist

Since 2014 professorship at the Anton Bruckner University Linz. She performed in theater-, performance- and dance-productions. In addition, for more than ten years she develops own directorial projects for stage and radio. The emphasis of her work is a comprehensive combination of classical and contemporary methods as Fitzmaurice Voicework® and aspects of Roy Hart Theatre Voice linked with improvisation work like The Viewpoints. Internationally booked facilitator and practitioner of The Viewpoints training, that she studied amongst other approaches to contemporary performance during her MFA degree in the U.S.

Sandrine Hudl has an extended background of experience, gained both in Europe and the United States; including New York City, Boulder/Denver area, Vienna, Berlin. Based in Austria, Sandrine’s experience influences her worklife as a professor for voice and speech for actors at the Performing Arts Department at the Anton-Bruckner University Linz.

Graduated in 2011 with a MFA in Theatre: Contemporary Performance from NAROPA University in Boulder/Co/USA she has performed in stage productions in both, English and German. Performing from an early age, Sandrine has worked with a range of international theatre artists and directors including Leigh Fondakowski/Tectonic Theatre, Jonathan Hart Makwaia, Katsura Khan, the Siti Company, Sara and Reid Farrington.

For her masters degree she studied:

Later on while studying her special interest in sound, voice and text acts led her to receive her 2nd major degree: Diploma in Speech Art´s and Science from the Martin Luther University in Germany. She has a strong commitment to researching, constructing and disseminating theatre practice within education. Continuing studying and training abroad, in 2008 she became a certified Associate Teacher in Fitzmaurice Voicework® in NYC.

Her experience combines classical and contemporary theatre productions, and dance and improvisation work based on original writing. She co-created theatre pieces in collaboration with experimental theatre groups in New York, Denver, Vienna and Berlin.
Also, Sandrine directed already three audio plays with the Austrian Broadcast Radio ORF, and staged scenic readings with students and performers.

Her coaching clients included professional actors and performers, musicians, opera singers, dancers and facilitators.
She gives workshops and seminars on voice and speech, and became an internationally booked facilitator for The Viewpoints.

Since more than 10 years now she teaches voice and speech and improvisation at different Universities and theatre institutes, for example Anton Bruckner University Linz, Max Reinhardt Seminar – Universities of the Arts Vienna, Mozarteum Salzburg, Hochschule for Acting/Puppetry Ernst Busch, Sanctuary Playwright Theatre New York, mimecentrum Berlin, Actors Space Berlin, Point Search Berlin.

Sandrine coachte mich als Nicht-Muttersprachlerin individuell, mit Aufmerksamkeit und Sensibilität. Das Resultat ist, dass ich heute fähig bin, die deutsche Sprache akzentfrei zu sprechen. Immer wieder treffe ich Kollegen, die staunen, dass ich polnischer Sprachherkunft bin. Jedes Kompliment dazu, geht zugleich an Sandrine.

  Anka Graczyk, Schauspielerin (Krakau/ Berlin/ Wien)

Wenn ich mich an Sandrine Hudl und ihre Arbeit erinnere, denke ich an eine engagierte Sprechtrainerin, die stets das individuelle Sprechen gefördert hat, das – meiner Meinung nach – zu den Hauptqualitäten des Schauspielers/ der Schauspielerin zählt.

  Christian Kohlhofer, Schauspieler (ehemals Student an der Schauspielschule Helmuth Krauss Wien)

Both as her director for “The Vagina Monologues” and as her former drama teacher what excited me the most about Sandrine was her lack of fear and willingness in trying new approaches as well as her constant strive for emotional truth.

  Emmy Abrahamson, Novelist, Playwright, Director (Sweden)

In den Jahren meiner Tätigkeit als Tonmeister für die ORF-­Hörspiel­produktionen zählt die Zusammenarbeit mit Sandrine Hudl zu den positivsten Erfahrungen.

  Erich Krammerbauer, Tonmeister, Aufnahmeleiter ORF (Österreich)

Sandrine besitzt die Fähigkeit, die Menschen mit sich selbst in Berührung zu bringen und man erfährt, zu Anfang oft auch mit Erschrecken, die Abgründe und Tiefen der eigenen Persönlichkeit. Durch ihre Arbeit findet man als Schauspieler zu Präsenz, Ausdruck und Wahrhaftigkeit, auf und hinter der Bühne.

  Ilse Spieler, Schauspielerin (Österreich)

Ich mochte den kreativen und künstlerischen Weg, die Stimme nicht nur durch Technik, sondern durch Empfindung, Grenzerfahrungen und Herausforderungen zu entdecken. Viewpointarbeit, Bewegungs- und Atemübungen und das ganzheitliche Zusammenspiel von Körper und Stimme haben mir ganz neue Sichtweisen eröffnet.

  Linn Sanders, Schauspielerin (Münster, Deutschland)

Sandrine doesn't have to move a muscle on stage. She could stand stock-still, alone and expressionless and you'd still be totally mesmerized by her. She has "It" – an indefinable quality that very few performers have – a sort of fire you're born with. But thankfully, she takes the "It" and injects it into everything she does, every line she speaks, even her slightest gestures. She luxuriate in words, their sounds and meanings. She respects language, as truly great theater artists should.

  Sara Farrington, Playwrigth, Theatre Artist (New York City)

Sandrine has a talent to really connect with each of her students and notice their present state of being. She uses the subtleties of what the student gives her to make even the most routine vocal work an opportunity to explore, to investigate, to go deeper and to ultimately connect the voice with the body/action and make the performer (like herself) all the more powerful and arresting.

  Tatiana Pavela, Actress and Performer (New York City)