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Unique like yourself, like your fingerprint, your vibrancy. Surely, you can train your voice, adjust it and change it or hide it; you can sing to somebody or whisper, scream and shout, argue and convince; or simply speak to someone directly and concrete. Whatever you choose, within all actions you always show yourself - just as you are and your voice sounds.
Therefore, it’s not only about a beautiful voice, its about each and every voice.

Voice work is for Performers (Actors, Dancers, Singers, Voice Professionals) and everyone who is interested and uses the voice to present and motivate, in public events or leadership.

When you speak to someone or about something, you argue. You want something specific and by expressing that, you make yourself the most concrete to get it. In speaking, words and text take on a gestural guise. They show an action based on one’s intention and attitude. The way you choose your vocabulary indicates the inner world.
Using individual texts you become aware of your speaking and your speech itself in your individual speaking role. You learn how to shape and structure choices of your speech, and how to act within it by addressing a partner, an audience or situation, increasing inner urgency and aiming a goal with it. Furthermore the training increases awareness for attentive listening.

Coaching to help and support with:

Individual coaching is for young talents on their path to performing arts/theatre and any performers (Actors, Dancers, Singers, Voice Professionals)

Improvisation is play. By playing we create our world. Each of us improvises – constantly. And everyone viewpoints – constantly.
In The Viewpoints comprehensive aspects of voice, speech and movement merge into another. With these elements, we train tools of the performer. To allow yourself to respond uncensored to anything that is at a specific moment, to move freely and to express, to play. To discover yourself, and to unfold awareness, presence, openness and clarity within your actions.