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The Viewpoints

The Viewpoints is an improvisation and composition training. The vocabulary includes nine defined criteria – allocated to time and space. You don’t have to be a dancer or need a light body, tender feet or a pliant backbone. The view is gentle, peripherally; it travels, and finds boundless self-expanding. All that needs to be transformed from an unconscious state into a conscious one. Movement, emotion and (internal) mobility are basic.
There is no “as if” – all that happens is real. You perceive and sense movement in space, in cooperation with partners. You just do it – without fear of being on an empty stage, without pressure to be as everyone else. The effect is most simple: awareness, sensitivity and belief in yourself. Your body becomes the vessel for stories for new point of views. The greatest one – to realize to not need to do anything extraordinary, or to create additionally. Everything is already there. We allow to perceive and respond.

In workshops we improvise in solos, small groups and as an ensemble. With body, voice and text we conceive something new.

Coaching for Voice and Speech

Vocal work is physically. Your voice has expressiveness and timbre – it’s showing your feelings, intentions, goals, aspirations, moods and desires. Your voice is your body and your body is always your voice too. In training and coaching you become aware of your own voice. You increase your vocal presence expressiveness in speaking and perception in listening. For personal freedom and flexibility in voice and speech.

Fitzmaurice Voicework®

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